Clasa VI

Lecții filmate Activități interactive
Limba engleză
Meals and Table Manners
Sandy's Flat
Expecting Guests
A United Family
Save Our Nature
Reading Together
Moldovan Codrii
Public transport rules
The adventure continues
A book to take me lands away
Let's Discover Wildlife
It's a Wonderful World
Let's go shopping!
At the Grocery
Schools in England
When classes are over
Inventions in Our Life
Friends from the USA
An Invitation to the USA
A Song of Seasons
Legendary Past, Part 1
At my Grandparents
In the Country
Reading Together
English in our life
A Life Devoted to People
Wonders of Nature
Legentady Past, Part 2
Round Up
End of book round up
In the street
Play Safe and Stay Safe
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