Clasa VI

Lecții filmate Activități interactive
Limba engleză
Expecting Guests
A United Family
Sandy's Flat
Save Our Nature
Meals and Table Manners
Reading Together
Moldovan Codrii
It's a Wonderful World
Public transport rules
A book to take me lands away
The adventure continues
Let's go shopping!
Let's Discover Wildlife
At the Grocery
Inventions in Our Life
Schools in England
When classes are over
Friends from the USA
An Invitation to the USA
In the Country
Legendary Past, Part 1
At my Grandparents
Wonders of Nature
A Song of Seasons
A Life Devoted to People
English in our life
Reading Together
Legentady Past, Part 2
Round Up
End of book round up
In the street
Play Safe and Stay Safe
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